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US Army Supply Logistics - Iraq

During the period of 2005-2008, SMART Logistics moved around 8,000 truckloads of lumber and spare parts for the US Army in various locations in Iraq.

Due to safety considerations at the time, all shipments were transshipped at the border crossing in Kurdistan onto Iraqi-plate trucks. This required a very high level of follow up and coordination between the container yard in Kurdistan (which was under our full responsibility) and the logistics specialists of the US Army located at their logistic head-office in Germany. We had to provide daily positioning of the trucks and we therefore placed a tag into every truck to pink them and get daily information about truck positioning. Based on the urgency of required commodities we have had to select and reload the containers at the container yard in Kurdistan prior to the final delivery to destination.

This contract provided a lot of operational challenges since the border crossing between Turkey and Kurdistan was sometimes closed due to safety reasons or was much congested due to heavy commercial traffic. Also due to the fact that Iraqi trucks en route to final destination were not in adequate physical condition, we had to deploy on every convoy a maintenance truck to immediately repair any truck that broke down en route in order not to leave the truck out of the secured convoys.

As the security conditions in Iraq continued to deteriorate, we were instructed to organize armed vehicles to secure the convoys, limit the size of the convoys to a maximum of 15 trucks, run then during nighttime. As per the requirements of the US Army, deliveries were made in 20 different locations in Iraq.

Despite the extreme conditions and difficulties in Iraq, we did not face any serious incident and Smart Logistic was recognized as one of their top service suppliers for the US Army and still today we act as a service provider for the US Army to their premises in Turkey. Due to our past record, we are also recognized as a registered supplier to NATO for their shipments into Afghanistan.