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SMART Logistics is part of the Gandur group of companies that has more than 60 years experience in shipping and transport related services in Turkey and the East Mediterranean area.

Established in 2005 to capitalize on the partners' know-how, market contacts, and regional networks, SMART Logistics is an owner-managed medium sized forwarding company that has been growing rapidly since its foundation.

We strive to deliver a quality service and cost effective transport solutions to meet the requirements and needs of our customers, locally and abroad.

In line with our group's long history, SMART takes a long-term view of its business, and is committed to building long-term relationships with its customers. Companies' supply chains have become a strategic weapon for firms competing in today's global market place and we seek to enhance the competitiveness of our customers' supply chains by offering them innovative, efficient, and reliable transport solutions.


Our mission is simply to be the SMART choice of transport service provider for our customers. By SMART we mean cost effective and reliable.

To achieve our mission, we apply a single-minded focus on these key criteria:

  • Building a long term relationship with our customers
  • Investing in, training, and motivating our employees
  • Reviewing and improving our work processes continuously
  • Using state of the art IT to support our processes (but not to replace the key human interaction)