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As mentioned in previous sections, SMART Logistics has a proven expertise in various transport modes along the logistics chain, including Sea, Land, and Air Transport, as well as warehousing and customs clearance.
However, a higher level of value added services comes into play when we combine all these various functions into multi-modal custom made solutions for our customers.

We are implementing complex integrated logistics moves leveraging all our know-how and expertise, as well as our international network of agents. This ability to combine various skills along the supply chain has been instrumental in the development and success of our project cargo business. We handle heavy and oversized parcels, as well as full turnkey projects such as the international relocation of an entire production plant.

Our resident project experts plan and cost these complex moves in advance, and follow up closely the execution of the shipment from its origin to its final destination, no matter where and what mode of transport is used. Our global coverage in this respect is enhanced by our exclusive membership to the WWPC (World Wide Project Consortium), which is a global consortium of project forwarding specialists with a proven track record. Our customers can therefore rely on an expert service for their projects from the point of origin to the point of final destination.

In order to strengthen our ability to execute complex multi-modal shipments for projects, we have recently established a wholly owned subsidiary called SMART PROJECTS that is focused exclusively on the transportation of heavy and/or outsize loads.
SMART PROJECTS is focused on the ownership and operation of special equipment such as Low Bed Trucks, Low Loaders, Dolly Systems, Open Trailers, etc… used in the transportation of oversized loads (up 250 metric tons, 50 meters in length, 8 meters wide, and 4.8 meters high). SMART Projects' dedicated staff is expert in the planning and execution of shipments of oversized loads, both domestically within Turkey, but also internationally.